Announcement: The “Your Life With Purpose” radio broadcast has two more affiliates!

More exciting news! The ministry is growing again!

We’re proud to announce that starting on Sunday November 5, 2017 and Monday November 6, 2017, the “Your Life With Purpose” radio broadcast is expanding its reach again! In addition to being heard each Thursday at 6:30pm on 1440AM WMKM in Detroit, and on 1320AM WCVG “The Voice” in Cincinnati, we will now be heard on WASG 540AM (simulcast on 106.1FM) in Mobile, Alabama, and WVTJ 610AM in Pensacola, Florida!

That’s right! In addition to being heard in Detroit and Cincinnati each Thursday at 6:30pm, we’ll now be heard on 5 radio stations in 4 cities! On Sunday November 5th, we can be heard on both WASG stations in Mobile, Alabama at 10:30am Central Time (11:30am Eastern, and 8:30am out west), and starting on Monday November 6th, we can be heard on WVTJ in Pensacola, Florida at 7pm Central Time (8pm Eastern, 5pm out west).

Listen live here:

We’re so very excited about this new opportunity that God has afforded us to take the ministry into more new markets. We take no credit for what God is doing, and we give Him all the honor and all the glory.

For those that have supported the radio broadcast, whether financially or just through listenership, we thank you for all that you’ve done, and we pray that you will continue to support us. We will definitely need you at this next level of ministry. Pray for us as we continue to try and take the Word of God to the masses!

Please know that we don’t do this for financial gain, but it does take finance to do ministry, and any and all financial support will not only be needed, but it would also be appreciated. If you would like to donate to the radio broadcast or find out how you can listen online, click here and visit our donation page. You can make a one-time donation, or you can become a regular contributor.

Keep us in your prayers and be blessed!

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