Just Released: “The 30 Day Meditation, Vol. 2”!

30 Day 2

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A surprise release from Rev. Kelly R. Jackson: “The 30 Day Meditation, Vol. 2!

In this second installment of The 30 Day Meditation Series, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson looks to draw the reader even closer to God. The last entry covered the provisions and protection of God. With this entry, he seeks to go even further, looking at God’s preservation of His people, His restoration of His people, and His motivation of His people. There’s so much that we can go through in our day to day lives, and it is still the author’s desire to reach God’s people one day at a time, just to let them know that He is still God, and He is still able.

If there is an overall theme to this collection, it has to be this: Don’t worry, God’s got it. There is often a sense amongst even the saved that because things didn’t go our way, they didn’t work out. Even those of us that are strong in the faith will find ourselves wondering if God made an error somewhere. We don’t intend to be disrespectful to God, but we’re just confused sometimes. With this collection of writings, Rev. Jackson hopes to reassure those that aren’t sure, and reaffirm that God is still on the throne.

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