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imageWelcome to Kelly R. Jackson Ministries, the online home for the ministerial works of Pastor Kelly R. Jackson.

On this site, you’ll find inspirational teachings, articles, and so much more! From downloads of his works to his weekly radio broadcast, Rev. Jackson looks to inform, inspire, and uplift all those that visit this site. The goal is to carry out the edict given to all disciples by Christ in The Great Commission. Our desire is to inform, inspire and uplift the people of God through His Word. We’re not here to argue about what God said or to challenge anyone’s position. Jesus was about love, therefore, we come in love and peace. We thank God for you stopping by and we hope that you find words of encouragement in these pages!

Available right now: “Where’s My Change? Identifying our best opportunities for growth, transformation, and evolution”

In his latest work, author, minister, and radio/podcast host Kelly R. Jackson tackles the subjects of change, growth, and transformation. In “Where’s My Change?”, this author helps us to confront and examine ourselves and our behaviors in order to implement some meaningful changes for the better in our lives. 

This book takes us through critical stages of change that will lead to our transformation. We discover that change isn’t as elusive as we believe, as this work opens up an internal dialogue that will lead to an external display of a brand new you.

The fact remains that we are creatures that are constantly evolving, whether by force or by choice. With this work, we’re given the tools to participate in our destiny. For those that are looking to move into a better stage of life and living, “Where’s My Change?” is a must read!

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