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imageWelcome to Kelly R. Jackson Ministries, the online home for the ministerial works of Rev. Kelly R. Jackson.

On this site, you’ll find inspirational teachings, articles, and so much more! From downloads of his works to his weekly radio broadcast, Rev. Jackson looks to inform, inspire, and uplift all those that visit this site. The goal is to carry out the edict given to all disciples by Christ in The Great Commission. Our desire is to inform, inspire and uplift the people of God through His Word. We’re not here to argue about what God said or to challenge anyone’s position. Jesus was about love, therefore, we come in love and peace. We thank God for you stopping by and we hope that you find words of encouragement in these pages!

Available right now: “The 30 Day Meditation, Vol. 3!”

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In the third installment of his “The 30 Day Meditation” series, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson focuses on prayer. With every Scripture being taken from Psalms, Rev. Jackson points the reader to a deeper relationship with God through prayer. While we’re often faced with trials and tribulations in our lives, it’s not just looking to God that will sustain us, but also how we look to Him. Not only must we look to God for solutions, we must also look to Him with the proper reverence. We must look to God for who He is, and not just for what we want.

The point is made often in this collection that God is present, even when He doesn’t show us in the way that we want. Sometimes He’s silent, but He’s present. Sometimes He moves opposite of what we asked, but He’s present. Sometimes it seems as if He’s never going to show up, but not only does He do that, but He was there the whole time.

If you’re looking to draw closer to God in your prayer life, this book will be a blessing to you! Don’t let the enemy fool you. God is always near. All you have to do is call on Him!

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