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The latest work from Rev. Kelly R. Jackson:
“Going Through to Get Through:
Activating your faith during life’s most trying times”

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How do we keep going when we can’t see where we’re going? Isn’t that what we’re all asking? With “Going Through to Get Through”, Rev. Kelly R. Jackson helps to strengthen Christians as they attempt to navigate through the storms of life. In his seventh book, this author touches on:

  • Consecration/The Wilderness experience – How do we handle it when God tests our faith through isolation?
  • Death – When we lose a loved one, how does our faith in God help us to get up and carry on?
  • Finances – How can we exercise our faith in our giving when we have more bills than money?
  • Life – Are we accurately studying and applying The Word to our lives? Are we sure that God won’t put more on us than we can bear?
  • Marriage/Christian Dating – Are we able to trust God in choosing our mate and helping us to maintain our marriages?
  • Purpose – How can we identify God’s purpose for our lives?

God never promised that life would be easy, but there is encouragement in these pages for those willing to activate their faith!

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