Kelly R. Jackson Ministries Media Page

Explore video clips from our “Thursday Night Live” Facebook series where we do a visual version of the “Your Life With Purpose” radio broadcast. Also, check out our weekly “Word of Encouragement” clips from our Facebook ministry page, and even catch some video clips recorded simultaneously with “The Purpose and Beyond Podcast”.

You can still check out some of our flashback clips from our “Inside The Studio” series from the “Your Life With Purpose” radio broadcast, which includes Rev. Jackson’s “Point of Purpose” segment and his “A Seat At The Roundtable” series.

“Your Life With Purpose” Thursday Night Live!


“A Word of Encouragement” with Rev. Kelly R. Jackson

The Blessing In Being “Under Construction”

In this short clip, Rev. Jackson reminds us that being a work in progress is to be blessed! Knowing that God is doing a work in us that He won’t stop until it’s complete should inspire us!

Excerpts from “The Purpose and Beyond Podcast”

A Seat At The Roundtable

Check out the video below, which features Rev. Jackson’s own pastor, Pastor Damon Moseley of the Bethel Temple Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, MI, as they have an in depth and inspiring conversation about being made in the image of God. Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe to our channel!

Below, in the inaugural broadcast of “A Seat at The Roundtable, Rev. Jackson is joined in the studio by his good friend in the ministry, Rev. Leon Morehead of the Greater New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, MI and they engage in an inspiring talk about the grace of God!

More videos from Rev. Jackson!

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